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Soil Bank is an initiative currently being developed for the benefit of Australian farmers who want to take advantage of the performance improvements offered by regenerative land care practices. Promoting and providing green finance options for positive regeneration of Australia's agricultural farmland makes a good investment in all our futures.


Connecting farmers with new and existing opportunities to invest in their soil regardless of location, scale or sector.


Pioneering Australian farmers have developed regenerative farming techniques, liberating others with knowledge, experience, and sustainable farmland.


National food security, drought resilience, food and stock health have all been directly linked to the soil's 'Wellness' by some of the World's top scientists. Investing in regenerating agricultural landscapes produces increased yields, carbon payments, and increased asset valuations.


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Unlock the investment potential of your soil using commercially proven & sustainable techniques



Be part of something remarkable and join a group of progressive farmers who want to be in control of choices, share resources and benefit from the latest technology.

" Soil Bank aims to invite and involve members in the direction and outcomes of Australia's newest farmer

driven innovation"


We provide access to technology, techniques and green finance for a better world. Help us safeguard all of our futures.

Our aim is to provide mutual prosperity through collaboration and shared insights using sustainable regenerative farming, syndicated funding and access to progressive technology.



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Soil Bank promotes the techniques of carbon farming, soil carbon sequestration, carbon drawn down, regenerative farming, sustainable farming, organic farming, bio-dynamic farming, carbon neutral farming, permaculture, food security,

biodiversity, drought mitigation, land reclaimation, not till farming, cover crops, holistic management, organic fertiliser, grassland management and soil improvement as well as any technique or technology that improves the long term health of soil biology, human & livestock health and promotes atmospheric carbon drawdown.

Discover how to share in years of hard learned wisdom from Australia's leading regenerative farmers, gain access to financial opportunities and benefit from collaborative developments.

Promoting Farmland Value

Using the latest land assessment technology and some fancy algorithms

we have devised a simple to understand land 'Wellness Rating' providing current and future potential values.

Making Regeneration Easy To understand With Our 'Land Wellness Rating System'

Drought Resillience 

Access Cutting Edge Technology

Regenerate Farmland 

Sustainable Yield Growth

Imagine being able to increase the farmland's yield every year.

Because regenerative management re-invests in the soil quality, you get increasing benefits year on year.

Syndicated Funding 

Sydicated funding shares the investment risk over the entire network of investors and farmers.

Counter Climate Change

The International political community recognised carbon draw down using regnerative farming as an effective way to reduce climate change. Soil carbon certificates have a financial as well as moral value.

Regenerative farming increases the soil's ability to absorb and retain moisture. Even marginal damaged land can be restored with adapted management.

Precision agriculture, satellite technology and a rapidily expanding digital ecosystem provides an ideal opportunity to transfer the regenerative expertise to our members.

Overworked land  can be given a new lease of life with site specific guidance from experienced regenerative managers.

Soil Bank members gain access to

these wisdoms, techniques and technologies.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

                                                       - Abraham Lincoln

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