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If you are serious about affecting change in how your food is grown;

We can help.

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Red Apples
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Taking charge of where and how your food is produced by directly funding a clear and transparent food accreditation system.

Healthy soils produce healthy food. 

Minerals, vitamins and vitality are only available 

from well managed soils.

Get behind this public campaign to provide a clear 

and easy to understand farm accreditation system.

Accredited farms will be able to prove their soil

and your food is healthy. It’s that simple.

Creating the opportunity for consumers to contribute directly to healthier food production with a $20 Soil Bank Food Source Donation 

Once developed and launched we will use your $20 to help accredit the Soil Star land quality system. Farms that achieve a positive Soil Star rating will be eligable to display a Soil Council Quality Assurance logo meaning their soils are rich and healthy.

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