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The world of farming is

about to change for the better.



Using a unique algorithm to measure the land’s current and historic performance level provides a clear metric for positive regenerative agricultural practices.

Harnessing satellite technology with ground verified data RAF Soil Star will provide the innovative solution to promote market-lead land regeneration. 

Define Your Future

  • A Clear Value Metric

  • Rewarding Positive Land Use

  • Positive Owner Empowerment

Our Thinking; Encourage positive land regeneration through a clear market value system.

Soil Star is a national rating system being developed to measure and track a farms’ carbon bank against farm operational metrics.


Defining how well the farm is being carbon managed, is central to linking good practice with value.


A star rating system will be assigned against a transparent set of management criteria. In this way farmland can now be systematically upgraded both in actual performance but also in star rating.


A localised prefix explains the landscape fundamentals Four landscape tier groupings have been created so at a glance land can be immediately qualified in its fundamentals and current management.


For example highly productive loamy pasture in a well irrigated location with excellent carbon farming management would be described as Tier One - Five Star whereas a poorly carbon managed farm would be described as Tier One - One Star. Tier Four would be poor sandy low rain fall zones.


RAF Soil Star drives to create healthy landscapes, healthy profits and secures the national food system. 

Creating healthy soil through regenerative farming techniques increases the farm's

yields, gross margins, water retention. These factors are reflected on the Soil Star rating. Improvement via the Carbon Yield program will increase the Soil Star rating and make the land more valuable. 


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