A unique land 'Wellness Metric' giving a simple to understand rating for any agricultural or landscape type. Measurement is the starting point for performance improvement. Soil Star does it beautifully.

Imagine a way to easily show what a farmland's current and future

wellness performance is. An idea worth investing in? We think so.

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'Soil Star' is the first land quality measurement linking healthy soil management and soil carbon levels to a metric that defines market value. Combining various data streams in an algorithm the system will define current performance as well as future potential. 


By creating an easy to understand rating system, land managers, farmers and consumers have a way to establish how each piece of land is cared for.


In essence Soil Star measured the land's  'WELLNESS FACTOR' and provides a clear metric for regeneration potential.


Soil Star was designed to promote healthy land management and landscape regeneration through market forces. Well managed land is worth more to the marketplace and presents lower risk to financial institutions.


By rewarding good practice with a higher Soil Star rating the expectation is that positively managed land will represent reduced investor risk, higher farm yields, and healthier outputs.


This is of great interest to rural lenders who can take advantage of any mechanism to judge and mitigate risk.


Farmers will be in a better position to negotiate based on their Soil Star rating and well-managed farms will increase in market value.


STAGE ONE - SOIL STAR will be launched as a terrestrial based process requiring some physical soil sampling.


STAGE TWO - SOIL STAR will evolve to take advantage of satellite survey system developments.


Once the Soil Star rating is measured this leads directly onto 'Carbon Yield' a tailored program of landscape regeneration to upgrade the land's biodiversity, soil health and ultimately its value.






STAGE ONE - SOIL STAR will be launched as a terrestrial based process using soil sampling and data crunching.





STAGE TWO - SOIL STAR will evolve to take advantage of developing satellite survey systems.




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