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Planned rotational grazing

Biological fertilizers

No till farming

Interplanted sequential cropping

What Is Soil Carbon?

Green plants absorb and store carbon through a natural process called photosynthesis. Using a mix of regenerative farming practices along with the latest technological management, farmers can help boost the amount of Co2 their livestock and crops bank in the soil.

Why Does it Add Value?

Enriching soils with carbon dramatically increases their water retention capacity retention, ability to retain more nutrients and produce better yields, year after year. Carbon farming practices reduce dependency on artificial fertilizer, increase sustainable yields and grow your gross margins.

How Does It Help Australia?

Australia benefits both with an increase in agricultural value as well as meeting its carbon reduction obligation. Farmland that produces a sustainable yield benefit to feed a growing nation. A national initiative that harnesses natural processes to meet its obligation to climate and future prosperity.


California is experiencing the worst drought in decades. In response Kiss The Ground is campaigning for funds to promote regenerative agriculture practices.



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